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Studio Live’s objective is to connecting people together around the world; whether people participate, have fun watching or used as a platform to promote their talent

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Studio Live’s objective is to connecting people together around the world

Studio Live is an App for providing online real-time and recorded performances. The App creates an online studio that provides online real-time and recorded performances based on a filtering scheme using customizable user selected features. Studio live generates a user profile page for each new user, determines whether an online session exists for a category chosen, and adds user to a studio based on their selection. When the system determines that a studio does not already exist for a selected category, the user is added to a waitlist queue. The Studio live platform initiates, in sequential order, a content-specific real-time-performance identical to the performance selection, for each user in the waitlist queue, and transmits real time data that matches the category of each user. The Studio Live platform lets users create their own studio whether it’s for music, art, religion, poetry, politics etc.

Premium User

Premium User

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Easy to Use

The Users/Participants will register to the Application and post or record a Live Video

Easy Interaction

The Users/Participants would be able to interact with each other utilising a beat or lyric of their choices

Upload / Record Video

Users can upload or record a Video of their Singing in a group or solo whatever they prefer.

All Smart Device Friendly

The App will be compatible to all the standard desktop and mobile devices/smart phones (IOS / Android) as well as Tablets.

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1,2578 ratings


1,2578 ratings

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